Green Fruit With Ginger-Infused-Yogurt And Lime

I find most pre-sweetened yogurts too sweet for my taste, especially when I’m using it on top of fruit, so this version allows you to control the sweet and add the divine combo of ginger and lime. Ginger can be a bit intense when it’s “naked”, so here, I infuse it in a “simple syrup”, then mix that and the lime with the yogurt.

Green Fruit With Ginger Infused Yogurt And Lime

1/4 cup table sugar
1/4 cup water

1 T grated ginger (It will infuse better if grated than sliced or chopped)
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1 t lime juice
Lime zest
Honeydew Melon

To make the simple syrup add the sugar and water and ginger to a saucepan and heat just until the sugar is melted. Do not over boil as it can burn. Let sit for a few minutes to allow the ginger to infuse. Strain the ginger out with strainer being sure to press all the liquid out of the ginger.  Mix  2 1/2 tsp of the syrup into the yogurt (so NOT all of it!), plus the lime juice. Add more/less simple syrup and lime depending on taste preferences.  Cut fruit and drizzle yogurt mixture on top. Grate lime zest on top.

(Use any leftover ginger simple syrup as a base for homemade lemon or limeade.)

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