Win Maple Syrup!

80% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Canada and 90% of that from Quebec, so who better to be giving away maple syrup to Sweet Beet readers than The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.

How to enter?  Leave a comment with either, “My favorite way to eat maple syrup is…” or  “My most memorable maple syrup moment was…”  Two people will win a gift pack with four sample bottles of different types of maple syrup.  (They sent me a pack and there seems to have been a strong correlation between the moment it entered my kitchen and my crepe consumption…).

My strongest memories of eating maple syrup, was not on pancakes but on snow. I grew up in Canada, with a four-year stop in Quebec. On warm spring weekends we would go cross country skiing, North of Montreal, through a snowy forest of maple trees.  This would be followed by a stop at the sugar shack, right in the middle of the forest, where we’d be handed a cafeteria-sized tray of snow over which syrup, resembling molten lava, retrieved from a giant vat of bubbling sap, had been drizzled.

Two of my sisters. Snow suits circa 1978.

With a pop-sickle stick we’d pull the hardened syrup off the snow, twirl it around our wooden utensil and eat it like taffy. This celebration of the one-month-long sap-tapping period, is known as “sugaring-off”.

The four gift bottles, from darkest to lightest.  You can tell which ones I’ve been guzzling.

As for whether, maple syrup is any better for you than other sugar, it’s sort of a yes and no answer, but there are some of you who were shocked when I wrote a post comparing sugars and did NOT include maple syrup! A massive oversight, especially for a Canadian. Here’s what I would have said  …

  • There are over 50 different antioxidants in maple syrup (similar to those in berries, green tea and flax seeds).
  • It contains several trace minerals including zinc, manganese and potassium
  • Compared to honey, maple syrup has significantly more calcium
  • Maple syrup is largely sucrose (similar to table sugar) so it will have a similar effect on blood sugar.
  • Many of the cheaper brands use corn syrup as the primary ingredient, along with flavoring and color. If it does not say, “maple syrup”, it’s maple-flavored sugar. (Legally, the product name can not contain the word “maple” at all, unless it is pure maple syrup.)
  • If you see Grade B on the bottle, it doesn’t mean it’s inferior, it means it was drawn from the tree near the end of the season when the sap is more concentrated, with darker color and deeper flavor. Grade B has a slightly higher mineral count than the lighter Grade A.
  • Within Grade A, there are lighter and darker varieties – the lighter ones are tapped earlier in the season and are milder in flavor.
  • It can easily substitute for honey or molasses in baking or as a substitute for simple syrup in cocktail mixing.

For more info on maple syrup, go to

Support your Northern neighbor.  Eat pancakes. (Or wait for a snowy day and pour it on snow.)

Leave a comment to enter!

Drawing October 31.

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  • Jenny

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is on German Pancakes!

  • Blair Buras

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is drizzled over greek yogurt with fruit and granola

  • Brandon

    Love maple syrup. Hope I can win some :)

  • Emily

    I always wondered what the difference was between different grades. Thank you!

  • Mglawler

    My favorite way to eat Maple Syrup is over stuffed french toast. Christmas morning we have a baked stuffed french toast and we smother it in Maple Syrup that has been warmed on the stove with strawyberries. YUM!

  • K8inhawaii

    as a born and raised New Englander who now lives in Hawaii….. I MISS GOOD MAPLE SYRUP!!!

  • Kat

    On cold evenings I like Maple Syrup in cocktails, made with either Maker’s Mark or Canadian Rye!

  • Amelia

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup used to be on scrambled eggs.  My pediatrician (who was from Quebec) encouraged it.  

    • Rosie F

      I know why you pediatrician encouraged having maple syrup. It is high in antioxidants!  And that’s more reason to eat maple syrup along with its awesome taste.

  • Patty

    Well..two ways actually I love maple syrup is, on my oatmeal in the morning & on my Ice Cream for dessert~! YUM! =)p

  • Allison Coe

    I love to eat maple syrup on pancakes, waffles, and used in my candied pecan recipe….so delicious.

  • RMJ

    may sound lame, but maple syrup on waffles is my favorite.

  • Aguess

    Maple syrup on belgian waffles with butter YUMM!  My best maple syrup memory is from when I was at graduate school in Montreal.  It was late winter and I was moving back to the states in another month or so.  My dear friend and native Montrealer, Megan decided I needed to experience “sugaring off” before I left.  There was a park north west of Montreal we could get to by taking a series of buses where they had a sugar shack.  The day we went it was grey and bitter cold.  Before we finished our journey it started to snow flurry, but undeterred we continued.  When we got to the park they had closed the sugar shack, so we ended up walking to this bakery nearby and eating these delicious dougnuts with a maple glaze. It was as close as I got to maple syrup that day, but it is still a sweet maple memory.

  • Molly Lovelace

    I love maple syrup on crepes and pancakes, too!

  • Susiemcc39

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is over butter pecan icecream

  • Stephanie Engel

    My favourite way to eat maple syrup is on warm homemade bread. Especially if the homemade bread contains oats. YUM!

  • Karli Baumgardner

    Maple syrup has lots of memories foe me too! My grandfather used to make his own in northern Ohio and i remember him standing over a big stainless steel vat cooking it down. It was the best syrup I’ve ever eaten and now I can’t even stand the fake stuff. I love it most on buckwheat pancakes!

  • Dave

    I’ll have to try cheddar cheese and syrup. I like to use it flavor salmon. 

  • Dana Michelle

    I can’t choose just one thing…I love it on Primal Pumpkin Pancakes…and as a natural sweetener.

  • Micheletcapra

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is as a nice, wholesome tasting sweetener in raw chia seed pudding. To make: soak chia seeds in coconut milk for several hours, then blend with dates, maple syrup, cinnamon and cacao and/or maca powder if you wish. Let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two to harden a bit. It’s so simple and delicious!!

    • Micheletcapra

      PS~ Michelle, I love your writing and I thoroughly enjoy reading every post! I wish I could meet you, but I’m stuck on the west coast :)

  • Sarah R

    Oooh Maple syrup!!! I adore it in so many ways (including off the spoon… shh!) I actually prefer it over homefries and scrambled eggs at brunchtime! 

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  • Pyx

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is with cinnamon on slightly melty, home-made vanilla ice cream.

  • Colene

    I Love maple sryup in cooKies, pancakes, waffles, over veggies, I even love to eat it off a spoon. When I was about 13 I remember making maple taffy and that was the best ever taffy I have ever had.

  • Melanie

    I love maple syrup!

  • Kristin Caufield

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is off my fingers! 
    Secondly, I love maple cookies!

  • Chikiminkee

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is on French Toast, made with Grand Marnier and orange zest! There’s something about that combo of flavors that makes the maple syrup more “maple-y!” Only the real thing will do!

  • Wahooatftc

    My favorite is to use it as a dipping sauce for my pizza crust after eating a piece of pizza. The sweet and savory is a great combination

  • Rasute

    My favorite way to use real maple syrup is on French Toast my husband prepares using thick sliced Texas Toast that is cooked in bacon grease that just previously was lovingly cooked to just the desired crispness. Hmmm, thinking about it is making me a bit hungry.

  • Farside361

    I love pure Canadian Maple syrup on my peanut butter sandwiches!

  • Sarah Rieger

    When I was young we used to go to Vermont once and year and we would get maple candy and we would buy a gallon or two of real maple syrup to use throughout the year.  Now I live in TX and it’s hard to get real maple syrup, so I almost never have pancakes or waffles anymore since the fake stuff you find in stores is nothing like real, fresh maple syrup!!  I LOVE it!!  

  • KAPP

    interesting post. I love to coat bacon with maple syrup and cook in the oven. if there is ever a choice to make and maple is one of them…no contest!

  • Dany

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is with fresh strawberries.  Sometimes, in addition, I’ll add angel food cake and whipped cream with the strawberries and maple syrup.  And to top it all off, kissing the now twice as sweet lips of my wife.

  • Alicia Nakamura

    I buy plain cream of wheat and make my own maple syrup/brown sugar flavor. YUM! This was my High School breakfast of choice. 
    I’m dying to try it in/on  homemade ice cream (I just brought home a Jersey dairy cow, so everything has a potential as an ice cream ingredient!) =)

  • Ellen

    I love maple syrup on greek yoghurt, or drizzled over a fresh apple, but my favorite way is licking it off my finger!

  • shannon

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is on pumpkin pancakes for breakfast!

  • jesus

    my favorite way to eat maple syrup is in and on granola with yogurt.  also, i use it to make lemonade instead of sugar…divine!

  • Adele

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is on pancakes by a warm fire.  I guess I’m just traditional.

  • Donna

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is mixed into a bowl of oatmeal as a tasty alternative sweetener.  Yum!

  • Guest

    Growing up in MA I somewhat had access to fresh maple. My aunt would drive every payday to vermont to get me maple sugar candy! I am being serious! So I became obsessed with those little pilgrims and maple leafs. I live in North Carolina now and crave the taste of maple!!!

  • mo

    My favorite way of eating maple syrup is straight from the spoon! When I was a child my dad, who is a doctor, would make us pancakes on Saturday mornings. He would tell us that the maple syrup was “medicine” for our health and would give us each a spoonful. Eating it this way reminds me of spending those wonderful Saturday mornings with Dad and my two brothers and sister! 

  • Janeanne T

    Love Maple On My Stack Of Buttermilk Pancake!!!! YYYYUUUMMMMM!!!!!WWWWWOOOOOOWWWW

  • Sharon

    My favorite way to eat maple syrup is blended with cream cheese and wraped in a flour tortilla then baked in an oven. drizzle more maple syrup on top after it cools a bit and enjoy. Yum yum.