Why I Eat Cold Eggs

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

A year ago, breakfast was often a kale and shitake frittata, farm-fresh goat cheese crumbled on top, still warm from the pan….Though I’ve kicked my coffee-shop-muffin habit that had crept into my routine, the just-cooked eggs are frequently “just-cooked” two hours ago.  At 9 am I often find myself eating the remains of Finn’s scrambled eggs – cold, picked over, and in some cases “pre-mouthed” (but not chewed – I do have my standards).  If I never ate my child’s food remains (“leftovers” is too elevated a term once the food has sat on someone else’s plate – or high chair), I would be tossing away eggs, fish, applesauce – all partially eaten and 100% touched.  Since I can’t bring myself to throw them out, I instead throw myself into the role of scrap-eater.

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