What Is THIS Doing In My Food?

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

I finally cleaned out my hall closet and gave away/tossed away half the stuff. I have no need for running shoes that will never be anything but a size too small, and a single mitten whose mate I called off the search for years ago. Even though I open this cupboard daily, I never even noticed most of this stuff as I had gotten so used to seeing it.

I’m starting to feel similarly about a lot of ingredients/additives in my food. When we think about “additives” we usually think about things like MSG, corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives etc, but many of the ones that I’m now more aware of are found in high quality food sold in Whole Foods, or health food stores. Even in “good for you food” there is simply a lot of “stuff” that gets shoved into the corners that we either don’t notice or if we do notice, think we need.  And sometimes we DO need them, but that’s often because the food is lacking, and these additives are there to make up for it.

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