I Adore You

“Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”*

Cook with passion.  And poetry. And love and wit and beets.

One dish that brings that all together – Red Eggs and Ham… (To skip the recipe and simply see how to paint a plate, scroll down.)

What you’ll need for “Red Eggs & Ham”

An egg
A beet
Some ham
And spinach (optional)

(If you want to just learn how to paint a plate, skip to, “And the paint on the plate?”)

And then…

You need to get the juice out of the beet in order to get the juice into the egg.  Two options: roast the beet or “braise” it on the stove top.  If roasting – cut the beet into small pieces, wrap in tinfoil with a little bit of water (so the juice will seep into it) and roast for about 30 mins. If braising – cut the beet into small pieces, put it into a pan with a little bit of water and cook for about 15 mins until beet bits soften and juice comes out. If water starts to evaporate, add a little more. With either method, don’t go too heavy on the water since you don’t want the juice to be too diluted. (You might want to cook the beets the night before to save time.)

Once the egg is cooked (I went with sunny-side-up which keeps the egg white “whiter” so it will take the juice more easily), drizzle the beet juice over the egg. (Be sure the juice is not too thin, if it is, boil it to evaporate some of the water.) Top the egg off with some finely chopped sauteed spinach (an homage to the dish’s green origins) and add some diced beet bits.

Oh and if you’re wondering if you can use pomegranate juice instead of beet juice – you can.

And the paint on the plate?

Take one of the cooked beets and use it as a “brush”.  If you’re going the pomegranate juice route, dip your finger into the juice and finger paint. Don’t paint too thickly if you want it to dry. (The painted heart in the main photo, was done with a beet.)

Do plate painting even if you’re not cooking Red Eggs & Ham! Paint anything you wish on the plate and serve whatever your heart desires.

You do not like them
So you say?
Try them. Try them!
And you may**.

What are you cooking for Valentine’s Day?  Any fond food memories from V-Days past?

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* Harriet Van Horne (a newspaper columnist and film critic), 1956
**A quick “Green Eggs and Ham” refresher: Sam aggressively peddles his green eggs and ham to his friend. The persistence backfires and friend gets more and more adamant with his “No’s”.  Friend tells Sam to back off.  Sam does, which results in friend trying green eggs and liking them.

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  • Cindy

    Beautiful! What a wonderful, whimsical idea. I will be copying this!

  • http://www.zomppa.com Belinda @zomppa

    How super creative! This is definitely a nice way to wake up. =)

  • Ellen

    I have fond memories of Valentine’s Day growing up. My mother used to make either iced heart cut-out cookies or little heart cakes (chocolate with pink icing). She’s an excellent cook and baker so everything was delicious. I give her a lot of credit for finding the time to do that with 5 kids.

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  • http://healthygirlskitchen.blogspot.com Wendy (Healthy Girl’s Kitchen)

    I’m trying to figure out what vegan treats I am going to cook for V-day, but first I’ve got to get through one 6 year old’s birthday party that starts in under 1 hour . . . what am I doing here? Gotta go . . .

  • Debbie

    Whooda thunk? Thanks for always keeping things “fresh”! I love your blog and look forward to your postings. It’s been fun to incorporate new ideas into my ways of doing things :)

  • Cynthia

    Love your site. However, I do find the font you are using (although charming) is hard to read on my iPhone. Something you might want to research and “fix” so we can all read you anywhere anytime . . .

    • Michelle

      Thank you for raising this! You’re not alone – other eye-strained mobile users have said the same. In version 2.0 (coming out in the next 2 weeks), the font will have less “personality” but more readability ….

  • http://www.culture-connoisseur.blogspot.com Hannah (Culture Connoisseur)

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for that simple and beautiful recipe! Enjoy your day, and remember that the gift of love always has high returns!

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