To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?

{A post I wrote for Attune foods}

I knew during the whole sinful indulgence, that I was doing something wrong but desires are powerful and restraint exhausting. I had been so loyal for so long and I was starting to feel like I actually deserved to be bad.  It was all over within a couple exhilarating hours but I awoke the next morning knowing that I’d paid for that delicious night.

It was Saturday. I was tired. I was at the grocery store and every cell in my body was begging for sugar and fat. I considered dried mango, prunes, grapes but the fat content was too low and the sugar too pure.  And then I saw it – mint chip ice cream. It was waiting for me, knowing that I would walk over to it.  For the next 3 hours, I had multiple encounters with that delicious tub and only when I decided to drown the remaining third in warm water in the sink, did the night end.

Read the rest on the Attune Foods blog , here.


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  • Rebecca

    Not sure if you check this blog anymore, but just wanted to leave a quick comment in case you do. I just found your blog (I think through the 100 Days of Real Food website) and I’m finding it so informative and just wanted to let you know! I’ve read about 7-8 posts since this morning and I love your writing style. I hope that you post again soon!

    • Michelle Madden

      Thank you Rebecca!! Your comment made my day … The blog has been a wee bit dormant of late as a few other things in life have selfishly been demanding all my time! Hope to be back to “The Beet” soon …

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  • Daniel Grimes

    Moderation is the key and don’t feel guilty.