Greens Powder? What’s In It, What’s Not…

A one-ounce shot of wheat grass juice – $3. A bundle of mustard greens and Red Russian kale – $6. The concern that my greens had wilted when I left them under my desk all day – high. Alternatively I … Continue reading

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There Is Never A Good Reason Not To Roast

“To the woman with no maid, entertaining at dinner is the ultimate test of skill.” Page 19, from the chapter, “The Servantless House” from the book, The Art of Cooking&Serving published in 1932 by Procter&Gamble. Procter&Gamble! The company that brings … Continue reading

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How (And Why) To Boil Your “Garbage”

I don’t normally do this – boil my garbage I mean – but I did, and could not have been more pleased with the results. A mountain of vegetable scraps had been accumulating, and this time, rather than haul them … Continue reading

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How An Onion Saved A Marriage

It was usually my mother who did the cooking.  She had a solid repertoire of recipes that would loop every 10 days or so.  They were tasty and comfortingly predictable. She would take her position steadfastly at the stove night … Continue reading

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Are Your Vegetables Nutritionally Impotent?

It’s incredibly disheartening to learn that after stocking up on broccoli, forgetting you were going to be out of town for 10 days, using it when you get home, removing the brown, chopping it up, steaming it til it’s soft … Continue reading

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Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Kale

Kale can be an intimidating vegetable — the black diamond ski run of the produce world.   Its leaves are thick, and on a bad day it can taste like a shrub, but once you know how to navigate its … Continue reading

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Give Peas A Chance

Peas are given greater respect as an icepack than a vegetable.  The frozen ones present less of a thrill, but the fresh ones, the ones still nestled in their green cocoon and sold at farmers’ markets – these ones are … Continue reading

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