Is This The Next Agave?

Every few years a new sweetener comes along claiming to be the “healthy” sugar.  It tastes just like “real sugar” (usually meaning cane sugar) but with a long list of benefits that rapidly turn it into the must-have sweetener of … Continue reading

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Win Maple Syrup!

80% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Canada and 90% of that from Quebec, so who better to be giving away maple syrup to Sweet Beet readers than The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. How to enter?  Leave a … Continue reading

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How Bad Can It Be When It Tastes This Good

I remember thinking I was incredibly clever, when in college I realized that if what I really wanted for dinner was ice cream – from the self-serve, 10-flavor, cafeteria ice cream bar- then if I just skipped the main course … Continue reading

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Soy Milk: A Bowl Of Froot Loops In Every Glass?

I was in Starbucks recently (I try to avoid it, but its always “right there” and so too, mid morning, is my need for caffeine).   “Are you lactose intolerant?” I asked my friend as she poured soy milk into her … Continue reading

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Sweet! How Sugar Attacks You And What To Do About It

I would not say I crave sugar but I do at times think it craves me.  I walked past a Good Humor truck recently and the magnetic force was acute.  I had not had an ice cream sandwich in over … Continue reading

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