A Cheater’s Guide to Chicken Soup

  Have: A store-bought roasted chicken that needs finishing, spinach that’s wilting, carrots lying limp and fresh thyme to use up. Need: A warm lunch for my Mom who’s putting in overtime helping me out with nine-week old, Finn.  I … Continue reading

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How (And Why) To Boil Your “Garbage”

I don’t normally do this – boil my garbage I mean – but I did, and could not have been more pleased with the results. A mountain of vegetable scraps had been accumulating, and this time, rather than haul them … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Cook, Cook This!

There is no more forgiving vegetable than squash, nor a food that more greatly flatters a mediocre cook.  It’s the food equivalent of the friend who doesn’t get annoyed when you leave her waiting on a street corner (or in … Continue reading

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But It’s “Naturally” Made In The Lab!

As a general principle I try to avoid food that’s spent time in a beaker.  I want my food to have achieved its success by virtue of its own natural ability. No cheating. This is why “flavor” scares me.  If … Continue reading

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How An Onion Saved A Marriage

It was usually my mother who did the cooking.  She had a solid repertoire of recipes that would loop every 10 days or so.  They were tasty and comfortingly predictable. She would take her position steadfastly at the stove night … Continue reading

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