Are You Pro-Life?

I must have been around four when I first sensed magic.  There was no rabbit, top-hat or tuxedoed magician. There was instead a small kitchen, a yogurt maker and a mother.  Mum would fill the glass jars with milk and … Continue reading

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Like Yogurt? Win It!

There is nothing nicer than meeting a product you like and then meeting the lovely “parents” who brought this product to life.  This happened with Chobani Yogurt (a thick Greek-style yogurt). I knew of their yogurt, thought it was great, … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Bacteria

As a general principle I believe in cleanliness. I support the ubiquitous, “All employees must wash hands” sign (though I suspect it’s more effective at pacifying diners than influencing behavior), I take my shoes off when I walk in the … Continue reading

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting Kombucha

“Just drop it into the tea,” she said, handing me the wet “mushroom” in a zip-lock bag.  Moments earlier she had lifted the cloth lid, scooped the bacterial disk out of its watery home (a brew of Kombucha), and poured … Continue reading

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