Smokin’ Hot: Are You Cooking With Extra-Virgin Olive Oil?

I use extra-virgin olive oil liberally and indiscriminately. It goes into salad dressings, marinades and the bottom of frying pans; it’s drizzled into the blender for hummus, dumped onto vegetables for roasting and smeared over cast iron pans.  I love … Continue reading

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Hemp Seeds: Better For You Than Flax Seeds?

Never underestimate the enduring power of a mother’s conviction in her advice or … your susceptibility to taking it. The substance of the advice may change, with new truths crowding out or even contradicting earlier truths (after years of dutifully … Continue reading

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Last Time You Had This Nutrient Was In Breast Milk

The coconut is one of the most nutritious foods around, but it loses its health cred pretty quickly once it’s shredded, sweetened, restrained in plastic and sold in the baking aisle. Which is unfortunate as the water has more potassium … Continue reading

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