Soy Milk: A Bowl Of Froot Loops In Every Glass?

I was in Starbucks recently (I try to avoid it, but its always “right there” and so too, mid morning, is my need for caffeine).   “Are you lactose intolerant?” I asked my friend as she poured soy milk into her … Continue reading

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What Children Get From Milk That You Don’t

  I used to be very scared of fat.  Both the kind that might accumulate on me as well as the kind that had already accumulated in food. The fat I found particularly threatening was dairy fat (whole milk and … Continue reading

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What’s NOT In Your Organic Milk That Should Be

I always justified spending twice as much for organic milk because of what’s not in it –  no hormones, no antibiotics. But then I learned something disturbing.  There’s something we want in it,that’s not there- bacteria.  Most organic milk has … Continue reading

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