Are There Risks To A Vegan Diet?

Last week I nearly went vegan. This is how it happened… I practice yoga. Many yogis are vegan (enlightenment and tempeh are a common pairing). My teacher is my own personal manifestation of Buddha, sent to me to help settle … Continue reading

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Confusion Around The F-Word

Our philosophy on eating goes like this  – If something is good more is better; if too much is bad then none is best. Fiber is good, into everything it goes! Saturated fat is bad, consume at your own risk. … Continue reading

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Is Food Too Cheap?

I was looking for three chicken breasts. Not eight. Or four. Just three. I was visiting my parents in Arizona and shopping for dinner. They’re Canadian snow birds, flying south for the winter in search of sun and lower priced … Continue reading

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Grass-Fed Beef: Worth The Hype?

  I admit it.  I was a proud vegetarian who one day found her way into a butcher’s shop and stayed.  I used to look at customers pulling paper numbers from the plastic feeder and had no desire to be … Continue reading

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