Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Kale

Kale can be an intimidating vegetable — the black diamond ski run of the produce world.   Its leaves are thick, and on a bad day it can taste like a shrub, but once you know how to navigate its … Continue reading

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What’s NOT In Your Organic Milk That Should Be

I always justified spending twice as much for organic milk because of what’s not in it –  no hormones, no antibiotics. But then I learned something disturbing.  There’s something we want in it,that’s not there- bacteria.  Most organic milk has … Continue reading

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Top 6 Myths About Berries

This is what I’ve learned about berries: big plump, symmetrical ones that won’t squish when packed in a grocery bag,  won’t get moldy before you’re ready to eat them and won’t leak juice, are to be avoided. Here are the … Continue reading

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Best. Cheese. Ever.

This is a goat’s cheese for people that don’t like goat’s cheese. I used to be one of them. But Ardith Mae and her goats have changed me. Here’s the secret: The goats live outside. They forage for food which … Continue reading

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