There’s A New Gluten-Free Grain In Town

Refrigerators┬ánever die in the middle of winter, when all you’d need to do is open a window to keep the milk cold, they die in the middle of a New York City heat wave when it’s 104 outside and 80 … Continue reading

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Are Whole Grains Making Us Fat?

A pack of peanuts and water was tossed by my handlers into my two foot wide windowed cage known as 17C. It met the minimum standards of care, but my hunger needs were not satisfied.So I did what I had … Continue reading

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Bored? Try This

Boredom – it can strike when you most expect it – like sitting on a subway. McDonalds, understanding exactly what riders are feeling, has an ad up that says, “You look like you need something to do”, with a photo … Continue reading

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