What Happens When Mouths Meet

I could always tell the extent to which I was into a date, based on my desire to share appetizers.  I don’t think it’s even conscious.  We are either drawn to someone and want to experience arugula together or not. … Continue reading

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What Did Jesus Drink?

“It tastes like frozen sangria”,  the girl behind the ice cream counter said when I asked her about Jesus Juice.  She gave me a taste on the tip of a spoon.   I then tried Secret Breakfast (bourbon & cornflakes) and … Continue reading

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You Put An Apple Where?

Imagine a wall of candy the length of three cars and as tall as the arms can reach, in a sprawling suburban drug-store.  You’re 4 feet tall and 8 years old, and you’re told you can choose any candy you … Continue reading

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Confessions Of An Addict

I have two great fears in life — death and being denied access to a salt shaker. I used to be self-conscious about this, stealthly shaking salt onto my buttered bread, backing down when a smug server would respond to … Continue reading

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How An Onion Saved A Marriage

It was usually my mother who did the cooking.  She had a solid repertoire of recipes that would loop every 10 days or so.  They were tasty and comfortingly predictable. She would take her position steadfastly at the stove night … Continue reading

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Smokin’ Hot: Are You Cooking With Extra-Virgin Olive Oil?

I use extra-virgin olive oil liberally and indiscriminately. It goes into salad dressings, marinades and the bottom of frying pans; it’s drizzled into the blender for hummus, dumped onto vegetables for roasting and smeared over cast iron pans.  I love … Continue reading

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