If It Seems Too Sweet To Be True …

“If need to be known for a medical reason, your physician may contact us in writing.” This is what I was told when I asked the company about their “natural flavors” … Sweet and Spicy Tea and Herb Blend is … Continue reading

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Dressed To Kill

I was in the Chicago airport and needed to refuel. My options were: shiny noodles at the Chinese buffet, too-thick-crusted pizza, fat burritos twice the height of a normal mouth and battered fish from a restaurant where the hostess stood … Continue reading

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But It’s “Naturally” Made In The Lab!

As a general principle I try to avoid food that’s spent time in a beaker.  I want my food to have achieved its success by virtue of its own natural ability. No cheating. This is why “flavor” scares me.  If … Continue reading

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