Breakfast Muffins Minus The Muffin

  There’s something about getting your fingers all over your food and using them to ferry the food up and into your mouth that is deeply satisfying – ask any two year old. With toast, or a bagel or a … Continue reading

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Next Time You Have To Choose – Don’t

Ok, a confession. I don’t always feel like eating healthy. It usually passes once my whimpering stomach realizes it’s just not going to get banana pancakes, but there are times when I’ll see a blueberry muffin at my coffee shop … Continue reading

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I Adore You

“Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”* Cook with passion.  And poetry. And love and wit and beets.

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Do The French Eat French Toast?

The Wagon Train Coffee Shop is a small diner, in a one strip, one gas station town, in Truckee, CA. The walls display license plates, and framed photos of local football teams and a sign saying, “Sorry Complaint Box is … Continue reading

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Freud And The Egg: Part II

She was not like other chickens.  She didn’t fight my grasp or spurn my affection. She sat in my lap like a well-fed cat, tucked up her claws, puffed out her feathers, lowered her eye lids and – I swear … Continue reading

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If You Eat Eggs, Blame Freud

Backyard Poultry is not a magazine I would subscribe to.  And I didn’t.  But I receive it bi-monthly since it came as a gift from a friend who knows my fantasy of one day living the kind of life where … Continue reading

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You Put An Apple Where?

Imagine a wall of candy the length of three cars and as tall as the arms can reach, in a sprawling suburban drug-store.  You’re 4 feet tall and 8 years old, and you’re told you can choose any candy you … Continue reading

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