Blame Your Tools

This egg beater is from 1959. I bought it on Ebay in 2009. The company who made it is in the food services industry and makes “stainless steel equipment for harsh environments”.  My bowl of eggs does not present a … Continue reading

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What’s Leaching Into Your Food From Cast-Iron?

I have deep affection for cast-iron.  It not only conjures up vivid fantasies of the frontier life I never lived – pig roasting, cauldron bubbling, Pa singing, but I find it sticks far less than other non-non-sticks and it brings … Continue reading

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Teflon Hurts Eggs

Cooking with Telfon is like showering with a raincoat.  Your food will cook, but the experience will not be as satisfying. I had a very long term relationship with Teflon so I know the comfort it brings, but the truth … Continue reading

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