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Win ANY Lodge Cast Iron Product You Wish!

I think if you had narrow it down to one product that makes a kitchen look like it contains a serious cook, it’s a Dutch Oven. I don’t own one. (Or I didn’t until a month ago). This was partially … Continue reading

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Next Time You Have To Choose – Don’t

Ok, a confession. I don’t always feel like eating healthy. It usually passes once my whimpering stomach realizes it’s just not going to get banana pancakes, but there are times when I’ll see a blueberry muffin at my coffee shop … Continue reading

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What’s Leaching Into Your Food From Cast-Iron?

I have deep affection for cast-iron.  It not only conjures up vivid fantasies of the frontier life I never lived – pig roasting, cauldron bubbling, Pa singing, but I find it sticks far less than other non-non-sticks and it brings … Continue reading

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