Are Whole Grains Making Us Fat?

A pack of peanuts and water was tossed by my handlers into my two foot wide windowed cage known as 17C. It met the minimum standards of care, but my hunger needs were not satisfied.So I did what I had … Continue reading

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Grains Don’t Want You To Eat Them

She was sizing-up the offerings in Aisle 3, the aisle that contained – according to the wooden overhead sign: “Cereal, Crackers, Cookies, Bread”.   She reached into the shelves giving the loaves, in rapid succession, a firm squeeze.  She performed her … Continue reading

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How To Fail And Cover It Up

Sometimes the solution can be worse than the problem. I was asked to make dessert for a friend’s engagement party – a simple enough request and a task that I know the organizer felt I was more than capable of … Continue reading

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