Summer Squash Salad with Corn

A nice variation on the usual green salad, and unlike the green salad, it will keep for a couple days. Get creative with the ingredients, if you don’t have any of those below, you really can’t screw this up! (Except for cutting the squash too thickly…which can’t be said too many times.)

Summer Squash Salad with Corn

1 green summer squash (aka zucchini)
1 yellow summer squash
1 cippolini onion (or use scallions)
Feta cheese
1 cob of corn 

Juice of 1 lemon
Olive oil
Salt and pepper 

Slice the squash VERY thinly using either a vegetable peeler or mandolin. Chop the onion very finely. Either roast the corn or sautee in a pan (take if off cob first) or simply boil, then cut if off the cob and add to salad. Add the cheese, and sprinkle with lemon juice, oil and s&p.

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