Sponsored Post: One Ingredient Many Meals

{A post for Attune Foods}

There is nothing like having a major life change (in my case having a baby) to get you focused on what is “real” (ie. critical) and what can go by the wayside.  Any shortcuts I can take in life – I do (shampoo does not need to be fully rinsed out before conditioner goes on – trust me on this one).  When it comes to shopping, unless I’m prepping for a blog post, I’m shopping as quickly and robotically as possible which means buying a bunch of ingredients that I know well and which have multiple personalities that extend across many dishes.

My go-to ingredients are not the least bit exotic, in fact many are downright common, but I’ve found ways to bring them into every single meal of the day – and yes, eggs is one of them…

Keep reading on the Attune Foods blog for a list of those ingredients and what I do to give them many lives …


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  • Sara

    A Mom’s best friend is a bottle of dry shampoo!  I love the stuff for days I don’t wash my hair!