Roasted Vegs (The Stove Top Way)

The only thing I don’t like about roasted veg is the time it takes to cook them!  A slow heating oven like mine can take 20 mins to get to 350 and then the roasting stage, easily another 45.  Get to your food faster. Go with the stove top.

How to roast on the stove top

  1. Chop the vegs into slightly smaller pieces than you might use with the oven method (this will speed cooking time).
  2. Heat oil (I prefer olive) in a large skillet, until it’s quite hot
  3. Toss the veg in and let them brown
  4. Stir around a bit but not too much because the browning part is key
  5. Once brown, sprinkle with salt
  6. Turn the heat way down as low as it will go
  7. Cover the skillet with a lid so it can “roast”
  8. Should take about 10 mins or so
  9. Once it’s done, turn it off and let it just mellow on the stove.

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