Radishes Sauteed with Sauerkraut and Lentils

The apples offset the tang of the sauerkraut beautifully, so don’t skimp on them. Though I don’t show it, I actually ended up cutting up the radish and apples post cooking and treating it more like a mixed salad with all the bits in bite sized pieces.

Radishes Sauteed with Sauerkraut and Lentils

Lentils (I used green French lentils)
Soup Stock (It’s so much better when you use homemade….learn how here.)
An apple (I used Mutsu which is a bit like a Granny Smith, but use whatever you have)
A few radishes

Cook the lentils (about 3:1 soup stock to water).  Sautee apple slices and radish slices in butter with a pinch of salt. When done, either serve it “deconstructed” as shown, else chop it up and mix.

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