Quinoa With Adzuki Beans and Avocado

This is unbelievably simple and brings together some of the most nutritious foods. It’s also ideal for vegans. The combo of flavors and textures is highly complementary (sweet and salty, soft and crunchy), and with the creamy avocado, you need very little dressing. The proportions are for an individual salad, so modify as you wish.

Quinoa With Adzuki Beans and Avocado

3/4 cup quinoa (About 1/3 cup cooked)
5 big leaves of kale (Could use spinach or any other green)
2 tbsp edamame
1/4 cup adzuki beans (These are easily found in a tin. Could use any other bean or lentils.)
1/4 avocado (There are no subs allowed here! Though from a texture standpoint if you have some soft, fresh mozzarella you could toss in some pieces cut into cubes.)
1 tbsp toasted pumpkin seeds (Could use sesame seeds, slivered almonds, or pumpkin seeds)

Cook the quinoa 2:1 quinoa to water. (Will take about 30 minutes.) Let it cool a little. Lightly sautee the kale no more than 1 minute, with a touch of coconut oil, or olive oil in a pan (or steam for about 1 minute or slice super finely and go raw.)  Boil the frozen edamame just until thawed. Toast the seeds in a toaster over or on the stove top. Mix it all together, add a drizzle of miso ginger dressing (click here for how to make it yourself) and you’re set!

If you have extra, it will keep well for about 24 hours.

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  • Carter

    Perfecto! Just discovered a new bean for me…AdZuki! Being the excellent cook that I am, I’m quite surprised to have never heard of the adzuki, but don’t often cook Japanese either. Gotta find an adzuki bean dealer now!

    • Brandy

      Whole Foods has dried adzuki beans in their bulk section

  • Michelle

    These are one of all my all time fave beans mainly because they keep their form so well and don’t ever go mushy. I buy them tinned from the organic co EDEN ORGANIC. Widely available!

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  • Barbara

    Made this dish and really, really love the textures and mix of flavors – but the dressing is tasteless. Seriously no flavor at all. I can’t quite decide what to add to the dressing to give it the necessary punch. I am making for friends tonight. Any suggestions?

    • http://www.thesweetbeet.com Michelle Madden

      I would try adding some crushed garlic or herbs…but the dressing is a pretty basic vinaigrette so not meant to pack a massive flavor punch…

      • Lisa Sepulveda

        I used a sesame ginger dressing from Trader Joe’s because I had it. It was good.
        I added green onions and red bell pepper to my salad and that punched it up a bit. I also added salt and pepper.

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