Pick Up Cheese, Drop Pounds

After I had Finn, my eating habits start resembling that of a teenage football player. The physical demands, however, are also similar to that of a teenage football player, so in the weight department it was really a wash. When I got serious about dropping the final five though, I knew that cutting way back on food was not going to do it (the team needed me to keep my caloric content high), but the vain cheerleader in me needed to get back into her skinny jeans.  The “diet” that kept all sides happy? Low glycemic foods — ie. the slow-burn, slow digest kind.  I didn’t care about the caloric content, or the fat content, all I focused on was the slow-burn kind (and yes, cheese is on that list).

What’s great about this sort of eating is you can pretty much do it even when you’re sleep deprived, mentally saturated or prone to putting a container of hummos in the utensils drawer and leaving it overnight. (Yes I did.)  All you have to do is cut out bread, pasta (though ever once in a while a small bowl of fussili was essential), refined sugars and that’s really it.

I will say this though, I am also a HUGE believer that even when you’re focused on dropping weight, the best way to succeed is to not deprive yourself every once in a while of things you love.  My so-not-on-the-diet-but-can-not-live-without-it, food is dried mango.  I swear they coat those little orange slabs with something illegal.  Try as I might to stay clear of them when I walk past the Whole Foods bulk bins, I can not. I’m like a divining rod to an underground well. Without even thinking about it, all of a sudden I find myself in front of the mango bin, pulling the slices apart with those plastic tongs, dropping them into the plastic bag and it’s all over …

There seems to have been quite a few recent studies that support this notion of the low- glycemic diet being the most effective for long term weight loss. My theory as to why is: 1) You really don’t feel any sense of deprivation while “on” it and hence you can stick with for a long time – really a life time ideally and, 2) The foods that are low glycemic hit your blood system much more slowly, keeping you full longer.

One food I’ve been eating a lot of is eggs and am always looking for a new twist.  Enter coconut and herbs … I mixed some coconut milk along with fresh parsley and thyme into the eggs (plus onion and cheese) and it was outstanding.  I made a frittata which is really just eggs stuck under a broiler but there is something about the act of putting it in the oven and then slicing it into triangles in the cast iron pan, that makes it seem more substantial.

Parsley and thyme

It’s even better in real life.

Get the recipe for Coconut Herb Frittata.  

Your thoughts on dropping pounds without dropping the pleasure of food?

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  • http://sunshineanddesign.com/ Sunshine+Design

    Love this idea. I too am looking to lose my last five pounds of baby weight and I absolutely hate dieting. If you have other recipe suggestions, I’d love to hear them, though I do love eggs also. I’m going to start googling now. :)

    • http://www.thesweetbeet.com Michelle Madden

      Actually MOST of my recipes are low-glycemic! So click on the JUST RECIPES tab at the top of the site and you’ll get loads of ideas! Good luck!

  • Kristen

    I’ve been eating low carb and low sugar for a few weeks too in an effort to lose 5-10lbs and find this to be the easiest “diet” to stick to. I haven’t stepped on a scale (to tempting to obsess over numbers), but I can tell I’ve lost weight. It’s great not to have to count anything, and who doesn’t love to eat cheese? I eat mostly eggs, cheeses, lots of veggies, and Greek yogurt, but for meat-eaters it’s even easier because of all those options.

  • SoMad

    Coconut milk in an omelette – what a great idea! I’m addicted to coconut water (not the packaged stuff, but the real stuff still in the hairy brown “container”) Love the idea of adding coconut milk or even the raw flesh to foods you’d never think off….like omelettes.

    thanks for the suggestion – can’t wait to try!

  • Fred

    Oops……..that whole URL address didn’t go thru, which is:http://www.naturalnews.com/037410_Organic_Spies_Whole_Foods_censored_video.html

    Gonna try it again and see what happens. If it fails again, I will come back and type it.

  • Serena

    I generally follow this diet as well but I do snack on fruit like grapes, figs, berries, etc. in the evenings when I’m craving something sweet. Obviously that’s better than something processed with a lot of added sugar, but sugar IS sugar regardless of how it gets in your body….

    I wonder if I’m undoing a day’s worth of healthy eating by snacking on fruit. Any thoughts?

  • http://www.findyourbalancehealth.com/ Michelle Pfennighaus, CHC

    I once left a pan of broccoli in the oven for several weeks. Sleep deprivation, man.