Peas With Capers and Thyme

It’s the capers that really make the dish, along with the thyme, garlic, onion and “flash sauteed” lettuce. The capers looks like little dark peas, and are a really nice contrast to the peas’s sweetness. No need to eat it hot, but don’t delay too long, as it’s best soon after it’s out of the skillet.

Peas With Capers and Thyme

1 lb English shelling peas (About 1 cup of shelled peas)
Butter/Olive oil for sauteeing
1/2 bunch of red tip lettuce (Any kind (but iceberg) will work.)
1/2 medium onion

3 garlic pods
2 tbsp capers
4 sprigs fresh thyme (If you have fresh mint, you could use that instead, or use dried thyme in a pinch. The benefit of dried thyme is you don’t have to eat around the fresh sprigs once it’s done. The downside is slightly less intense flavor.)

salt and pepper

Shell the peas.  Boil or steam them for about 5 minutes. Dice the onion and garlic quite finely. Wash the lettuce, dry it and tear it into small pieces. In a skillet melt the butter/oil (I usually use a combo of the two.) Add the garlic and onion and sautee until golden, add the sprigs of thyme. Add the capers, peas, and lettuce, and s&p.  Once the lettuce has wilted it’s done.

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