The Two Foods I Will Always Buy At The Farmers Market

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

When I walk through my farmers market in the winter months it’s hard to get excited by stocky carrots, thick cabbage and weary apples. Maybe it’s in part because these produce are nearly non-perishable that they seem less desirable – I don’t know, but there is something about the short, fragile, unpredictable life of a pint of raspberries in the August sun, that makes them irresistible. (I think one could extend this theory into other forms of life, but I’ll leave that for the relationship bloggers.) Even the farmers look a little worn down by the sub 30 temps, and a little foggy-headed from the propane heaters…

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Why I Eat Cold Eggs

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

A year ago, breakfast was often a kale and shitake frittata, farm-fresh goat cheese crumbled on top, still warm from the pan….Though I’ve kicked my coffee-shop-muffin habit that had crept into my routine, the just-cooked eggs are frequently “just-cooked” two hours ago.  At 9 am I often find myself eating the remains of Finn’s scrambled eggs – cold, picked over, and in some cases “pre-mouthed” (but not chewed – I do have my standards).  If I never ate my child’s food remains (“leftovers” is too elevated a term once the food has sat on someone else’s plate – or high chair), I would be tossing away eggs, fish, applesauce – all partially eaten and 100% touched.  Since I can’t bring myself to throw them out, I instead throw myself into the role of scrap-eater.

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My Muffin Phase is Over. Here’s Why…

I was struck by a recent New York Times article (see link at bottom of this post) about a 3 year old who was diagnosed with arthritis.  The drugs he was put on did little to help and it was not until his mother radically altered his diet, eliminating gluten, dairy, and refined sugar among other adjustments, that his arthritis went away.  She is quick to point out that the meds may have played a role in his recovery, but she is convinced that it was the diet that not only cleared things up, but that brought on the arthritis.

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Do You Remember Your First Time?

Finn eating – ok playing with – roasted carrots

{A post I wrote for Attune foods}

Do you remember the first time you ate junk food?   I have foggy memories of eating Arrowroot cookies (a gentler junk food but lets be honest) and I recall pizza parties around age 6 but I can’t really recall “The First Time”.  Well I know when it was for Finn (my 10 mos old).  He ate his first chocolate chip cookie (well half of a chocolate chip cookie but the “half” was the size of many “wholes”) last week.  I have to admit I felt a tinge of guilt, polluting his virginal digestive track with double chunk chocolate chip cookies, but I was eating it and his hands are fast and his desire strong. And what was worse was how much he loved it. And how much I hated the fact that he loved it. With most foods he smells it, takes it to his mouth, tentatively tries it and then might proceed with the rest. With this, he spotted his goal, pulled it from my hand, and did not remove it from his mouth until it was well inside his belly. The cookie was conquered.

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Tossing Out The Supplements

I don’t know whether it’s because I just have less time now to remember to take them or because half my fridge is being occupied by baby puree, but I just did a thorough cleanse of the supplement section of my refridgerator and only one’s left standing – the fish oil – old habits die hard (not to mention old recollections of how much the stuff cost). But to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to replenish the bottle once it’s done (which at the current rate of consumption will be next year).

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What’s Left?

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Now that Christmas is wrapped up, Hanukah’s passed, Thanksgiving has come and gone, is there anything left to say about food?  Is there anything more to eat? Anything more to cook?  What’s left?

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Maybe It Doesn’t Matter What You Eat?

I don’t mean at the extremes –  if you eat massive quantities of junk food, it will affect your health. Profoundly. I mean at the margins  – like what if you started eating muffins every morning for breakfast rather than omelets, had chocolate every afternoon, cut way back on your greens and sometimes had cereal for dinner. What if this became a habit – would it affect your health?  I wonder, because this has started to happen to me.

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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?

{A post I wrote for Attune foods}

I knew during the whole sinful indulgence, that I was doing something wrong but desires are powerful and restraint exhausting. I had been so loyal for so long and I was starting to feel like I actually deserved to be bad.  It was all over within a couple exhilarating hours but I awoke the next morning knowing that I’d paid for that delicious night.

It was Saturday. I was tired. I was at the grocery store and every cell in my body was begging for sugar and fat. I considered dried mango, prunes, grapes but the fat content was too low and the sugar too pure.  And then I saw it – mint chip ice cream. It was waiting for me, knowing that I would walk over to it.  For the next 3 hours, I had multiple encounters with that delicious tub and only when I decided to drown the remaining third in warm water in the sink, did the night end.

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Can This Soup Cure Your Cold?

I have a cold. So does Finn (my 8 month old), and my neighbor across the street and our doorman and as far as I can tell pretty much everyone that we’ve encountered over the last week. I feel comforted to not be alone in my congestion, but my cold seems to have taken up residency and shows no signs of wanting to vacate.  So at this point I’ve decided I’m just going to have to feed it. (Or is it starve a cold, feed a fever?….)

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A Salad You’ll WANT To Eat on Thanksgiving!

I feel the same way about Thanksgiving as I do Halloween – if you’re going to celebrate it then celebrate it!  Don’t give out homemade granola bars with carob nibs and don’t under any circumstances eat Tofurkey. When it comes to pretty much any holiday, I’m a believer in the 80/20 rule – 80% of the customs/food etc should to stay the same, while 20% can have a twist – even a healthy twist if you wish.

At Thanksgiving, best not to mess with the “bones”  – or the bird – of the occasion, but the side dishes are fair game. I love seeing one I’ve never seen before or a spin on a classic amidst the familiarity of classic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and Brussels sprouts. I once added chestnuts to the Brussels sprouts which was extraordinary and I’m a big fan of creativity being taken with the mashed potatoes.

Want to get creative with the salad? Get the recipe on the Attune Foods blog!

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