Stop Faking It

There are a few food combinations that are truly repellent. Unsweetened almond milk in coffee is one of them. It not only turns the coffee a putrid orange, but it enhances the coffee’s bitterness such that if you’re ever trying to give up coffee, I highly recommend swapping cream for almond milk for a day.

I was trying to cut back on dairy so thought I’d go the almond milk route for a while. And I was nearly willing to put up with the unpleasantness in my coffee mug, until I started taking a closer look at the ingredient list.

It’s long.

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Get Your Veggies On

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

Even though I’m not a vegetarian, there is something about the warm weather that makes me crave vegetables in an extreme way. I go to the farmer’s market and I’m like a divining rod to water. Kale, leeks, radishes – I can’t stop myself from heaping them into my bag. I imagine the carrot soup, the tomato sauce, the red pepper chutney that I will make and write about and photograph and EAT! I visualize the savory leek tart, with fresh thyme that I will lay on the top with the sprig intact, tiny green shoots fanning out, that I will serve to friends and give to neighbors.

Much of these culinary fantasies do come to life – some don’t…

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The Facts on Flax

Flax has been the “it” girl of the nutrient world for a few years so you don’t need to hear that it’s good for you. A quick primer though in case you’ve forgotten why … Flax is a grain that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. We don’t get enough Omega 3s. We get lots of Omega 6 from other grains like corn and from the meat of corn fed animals, and our bodies make our own Omega 9s, but the 3s (also high in salmon, sardines and walnuts) get short changed.

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Five Things To Eat To Get Ready For Summer

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

We (meaning those of us who live in the North East) have had a painfully cold start to spring.  The heat in my apartment still comes on with a clang every morning as my 100 year old radiator announces itself and I have still not engaged in the ritual of taking the winter boots permanently out of the closet and filling the space with flip flops. The only benefit I can see to the slow approach of warm weather, is that it’s meant that I can indulge, just a little bit longer, in the winter foods that I love – oatmeal, tomato soup with extra cheese and croutons, fried rice (the healthy version but still….)

Very soon though, the truth of what I filled my belly with over the long winter months will be revealed. And if you (like me) ate a few more dishes of pasta and a lot fewer salads, you’ll be ready to embark on a summer’s-coming eating-plan, which for me, starts with these five foods:

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Abstinence: How Sweet It Is

I’ve been off sugar for a week now – not the naturally occurring stuff found in bananas but the added stuff found in, oh say chocolate bars – chocolate bars that you’ve bought because you rationalize the fact that if they’re DARK chocolate then they’re a health food and if you only eat one piece of this health food then it barely even registers. Problem is you (ok, I) don’t only eat one piece.  I start with one piece and then when it’s gone, I have one more piece and so on and so on until what began as one not-too-bad-for-you piece of chocolate, very quickly spirals into one half a chocolate bar  – gone. Demolished. Delicious.

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What Is THIS Doing In My Food?

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

I finally cleaned out my hall closet and gave away/tossed away half the stuff. I have no need for running shoes that will never be anything but a size too small, and a single mitten whose mate I called off the search for years ago. Even though I open this cupboard daily, I never even noticed most of this stuff as I had gotten so used to seeing it.

I’m starting to feel similarly about a lot of ingredients/additives in my food. When we think about “additives” we usually think about things like MSG, corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives etc, but many of the ones that I’m now more aware of are found in high quality food sold in Whole Foods, or health food stores. Even in “good for you food” there is simply a lot of “stuff” that gets shoved into the corners that we either don’t notice or if we do notice, think we need.  And sometimes we DO need them, but that’s often because the food is lacking, and these additives are there to make up for it.

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You’re Already Eating GMO Food and Don’t Even Know It

There are two kinds of people: those who want to know everything that is possible to know about the food they eat (the ingredients, nutrient levels, place of origin, first and last name of the farmer that grew it), and those who, as long as the food is safe, just eat it.

Which are you?  Because whichever camp you fall into, likely dictates whether you care if GMO foods be labeled “GMO foods”. Whole Foods has just announced that by 2018 all their stores will label any foods that contain GMO ingredients and many other stores are likely to follow suite. This has the makers of GMO foods in a tizzy.

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The Two Foods I Will Always Buy At The Farmers Market

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

When I walk through my farmers market in the winter months it’s hard to get excited by stocky carrots, thick cabbage and weary apples. Maybe it’s in part because these produce are nearly non-perishable that they seem less desirable – I don’t know, but there is something about the short, fragile, unpredictable life of a pint of raspberries in the August sun, that makes them irresistible. (I think one could extend this theory into other forms of life, but I’ll leave that for the relationship bloggers.) Even the farmers look a little worn down by the sub 30 temps, and a little foggy-headed from the propane heaters…

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The Better-For-You Milk?

“You can’t have it until the baby goats are done with it, and they will be weaned in April.” That was the message I was given by the goat-milk lady at the farmer’s market when I asked whether she was selling any goat milk. (She was selling cheese, so thought I’d ask). It was a stark reminder that we humans are the only mammals to drink another mammal’s milk.  The baby goats, cows and sheep are done after a few months, but we fully grown adults – we just keep on going.

Maybe we shouldn’t….

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Why I Eat Cold Eggs

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

A year ago, breakfast was often a kale and shitake frittata, farm-fresh goat cheese crumbled on top, still warm from the pan….Though I’ve kicked my coffee-shop-muffin habit that had crept into my routine, the just-cooked eggs are frequently “just-cooked” two hours ago.  At 9 am I often find myself eating the remains of Finn’s scrambled eggs – cold, picked over, and in some cases “pre-mouthed” (but not chewed – I do have my standards).  If I never ate my child’s food remains (“leftovers” is too elevated a term once the food has sat on someone else’s plate – or high chair), I would be tossing away eggs, fish, applesauce – all partially eaten and 100% touched.  Since I can’t bring myself to throw them out, I instead throw myself into the role of scrap-eater.

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