Apple Sage Zucchini Omelet

The parts unassembled.  Don’t go too thin with the apples else they’ll turn to mush.  Be aware if you use more than about 6 slices per single omelet, you’ll wind up with dessert (they get even sweeter when you brown them.)

Throw on a little more sage when it’s on the plate. Best way to slice multiple leaves quickly, is to pile a few on top of each other and slice thin strips.

Yes, that is more salt that I sprinkled on top. I’ve already confessed here

Apple Sage Zucchini Omelet*

6 slices of apple (I used Cameo but you choose. No need to peel.)
1/4 of a zucchini
1/4 of a small onion (I like lots, you might like less)
2 eggs
4 sage leaves (or basil)
Sprinkling of cheese (Parmesan or Mozzarella. I did not use it this time, but I recommend it)
Salt & Pepper (lots)

Dice onions, slice zucchini into match sticks and slice apple into half moons. Saute all vegs with a little butter and olive oil in a cast iron pan.  When vegs are brown, add whisked eggs and stir everything together.  Add S&P, thinly sliced sage strips and cheese.  When bottom is brown, flip. If it sticks at all, read this. Multiply as needed.

*I call it an omelet and you can certainly make it this way, but it’s much easier to make a “scromelet” which is like an omelet but rather than the filler sitting inside, segregated from the eggs, it’s scrambled into the eggy part, then allowed to set, then flipped over (omelet style).

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