Maybe It Doesn’t Matter What You Eat?

I don’t mean at the extremes –  if you eat massive quantities of junk food, it will affect your health. Profoundly. I mean at the margins  – like what if you started eating muffins every morning for breakfast rather than omelets, had chocolate every afternoon, cut way back on your greens and sometimes had cereal for dinner. What if this became a habit – would it affect your health?  I wonder, because this has started to happen to me.

It’s not like I’m popping donuts all day long, but ever since Finn was born, (9 months ago), it has been much harder to eat with the radical focus on nutrition that I used to. I am far more tired, spend more time preparing his food than my own, visit the farmers market half as frequently and I have a whole new need for “comfort food” that I never had before.

Our routine has been to go to the local coffee shop in the morning where I bring Finn’sorganic broccoli puree,  a chunk of  pear and feed this to him while we chat with friends, sip on coffee and I eat my muffin.  Sure I could order the omelet, but the muffins fast, the service for cooked food slow and Finn’s patience limited.  So I sink my teeth into a blueberry banana muffin (it sounds healthy, but believe me – it’s cake), and I feel as soothed as Finn does when he’s sucking on a bottle.

At dinner I used to be a slave to the green gods, and whatever was in season at the market would get sauteed.  I would feel deeply self righteous as I downed my picked-that-morning kale and protein-rich quinoa and savoured every bite of the wild salmon with miso dressing.

Tonight I had cereal.  A healthy cereal (and I’m giving away free coupons for it so keep reading), but it was cereal – which at last check contained no chlorophyll.

But here’s the thing – I don’t really feel like it’s affecting my heath.  I thought I would feel the effects more but I don’t. I’m back to my pre-baby weight, and sickness-wise, I’ve only had one cold (and there was no chance I was NOT going to get it, since Finn had it and I pretty much inhale his exhales.)  Maybe, if I don’t return to my disciplined eating, my muffin morning’s will lead to my early demise, but maybe not.  Maybe all this time that I’ve been so conscientious about limited starches and sugars my body’s been like, “This is nice, but honestly, you really don’t need to….”.  Then there’s the placebo argument which suggests that if you believe you’re taking care of yourself by eating well, then it’s thebelief part that deserves the lion’s share of the credit.

Do you think we can at times become overly obsessed with eating “perfectly” when in fact our body are far more forgiving than we think?  Chime in …

Oh and one lucky commenter will be randomly selected to receive FIVE free-product coupons for an awesome cereal that has become my go-to dinner-cereal :) It’s Buckwheat and Hemp flakes, 100% organic, non GMO, just a hint of sweet and retails for over $5/box. You can find it at most Whole Foods and other health food stores.  These coupons are actually good for any of the Erewhon cereals. (Full disclosure, I do some writing for Attune Brands who own this brand and they have generously provided these coupons.)


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  • Jeremy Egbert

    The author has the right idea, people have to realize that life isn’t just (this equals this) and (that equals that). When in reality it really doesn’t .. for example.. go throw that 100% organic non GMO bullshit away.. that will not make you any healthier than the next. Go buy some “unhealthy” cereal and eat away because you only have 1 chance to. Be Happy, Be healthy, couldn’t have said it better.

  • Paul Thibault

    A blueberry banana muffin doesn’t sound healthy. Blueberries and bananas on their own, sure. (Even those in moderation, as they’re filled with sugar) But make it a muffin? Nah. Not that healthy anymore. Do people think it is? I suppose it depends how it’s made. If it tastes really bad, it’s probably a healthy muffin. The better a muffin tastes, the worse it is for you. Better for you than a cupcake (usually) but still not that good. Point is, just because there is fruit in it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Take carrot cake for instance. Carrots in it. Not healthy.