Leeks with Sausage and Mustard

Somehow the mustard makes this unbelievably creamy without a drop of cream! The leeks and sausage add some sweetness and the mustard comes in to cool it off.

Leeks with Sausage and Mustard

olive oil for the pan
2 leeks
3 sausages (Hot dogs* will do as well and is a great way for kids to be introduced to leeks! Or use tempeh if you’re veg.)
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp mustard powder mixed with water to make it runny. (If you don’t have mustard powder, then just double the Dijon, but water it down a little to make it creamier.)
salt & pepper

Heat the oil, cut the sausage into rounds and brown the sausage. Cut the leaks into 1/8 inch rounds. Once sausage is brown, toss the leaks into the same pan. Allow to simmer until the leeks start to soften.  Add the mustard. (You want the mustard mixture to be somewhat watery, not too thick, so add enough water to make it a bit liquidy.) Add salt and pepper. Let simmer until leeks are soft, but not mushy.

* Nitrate free, 100% pure meat hot dogs are increasingly available, so please buy these!  Better still, if your farmers market sells them, buy them there…

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