Kale with Cranberries

I use a variation of this simple recipe 80% of the time I cook kale. It’s a perfect side with meat or fish or dished over rice or quinoa.

Kale with Sweet Bits

1 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil (I prefer the latter!)
1/2 onion sliced (or 1/2 head of fennel sliced, or both)
1 bunch of kale
sprinkling of dried cranberries (or diced apple or pear)
sprinkling of sunflower seeds
salt and pepper

Heat oil in pan (I use cast iron).  Add onion/fennel and cook until nicely browned and soft. Remove the stems from the kale if they’re thick and slice into 1 inch wide strips. Add kale to pan and sautee for 1- 2 mins or until kale is bright green.  Add nuts and fruit and s&p. Remove from burner and let sit for 2 minutes to allow the ingredients to infuse their flavors into the kale.

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