Make Your Own Sprouts

You can sprout any seed or grain by “tricking” it into thinking that it’s going to be planted, so it will begin to grow. This destroys the “ant-nutrients” it contains and promotes the growth of new nutrients.

How To Sprout (any grain, seed or bean)

  1. Soak the grains overnight in water.
  2. Next morning, pour water out and place them in a glass container.
  3. Cover with a porous cloth. (They need oxygen to sprout).
  4. Place them anywhere you wish. (They don’t need light to sprout (in a field, they’d be underground) but they do need some warmth, but not heat.)
  5. For the next 2 days, every morning and evening, rinse them and put them back in the container. (They need continued moisture to sprout.)
  6. As soon as the tail appears you can use them for baking or salads, or wait another day or more and use the actual green sprouts themselves.
  7. If you’re using them for their long green sprouts, then by day 3 place them in sunlight to allow photosynthesis to happen. (Light becomes necessary for continued growth and it’s what turns them green.)

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  • Dawn Shelton Connelly

    so glad you gave a simple explanation! i’m doing this today!