Healthiest Muffins Ever?


 I used to have a lot of time for cooking.  I would walk leisurely through the farmer’s market with only a faint notion of what I would cook for dinner, confident that inspiration would strike as I stood before a pile of eggplant or stared down an onion. How I long for those days. My goal now is to eat. And it has to taste good. And it still has to be made by me. If I can pack nutrients and taste into the food and cook it fast, I’m happy.  So I was pretty psyched to find a recipe online that I altered and tweaked for Chia Almond Zucchini Coconut Muffins – my new go-to afternoon snack.

In fact, if you listed all the foods you’re told to eat more of, half of them would be in these muffins. You can make them gluten-free by leaving out the wheat flour and using pure almond flour. (It does make the muffins very dense though so if you want a little lightness go half and half with wheat flour and almond flour.) You can also go sugar-free by leaving out the trace amount of maple syrup and letting the dates and coconut oil handle the sweetening. It’s extraordinary just how MUCH sweetness comes out of the six dates I added as well as the coconut oil. Although the oil itself has no sugar, the faint taste of coconut is enough to trick your taste buds into thinking there’s sugar around.

The chia plays two roles here, one as an egg replacement and two by providing the complete suite of eight amino acids, Omega 3, potassium, calcium and other minerals.  Chia’s been pretty hyped lately, with a lot of the praise deserved, but you have to eat A LOT of chia to get the quantity of nutrients that are often listed, so I eat it, I just don’t worship it.

How do you use chia?

Here’s the muffin recipe

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  • Anonymous

    Well then you must be off the hot dogs.

    • Michelle Madden

      Nope – every once in a while a BBQ hot dog on a warm summer’s eve sneaks in and it tastes divine :)

      • Anonymous

        Health and taste are not mutually exclusive. Too bad you self yourself short.

      • Anonymous

        Health and taste are not mutually exclusive. Too bad you self yourself short.

  • Anonymous

    Wow more deleted posts than posts!

  • Linda Ranger

    OK, I like these. Made them half almond flour and the other with oat flour. I will make them again.

  • onlyessential

    Thanks for this simple and healthy recipe. Can’t wait to try your recipes. Good recipe… GREAT