Get Half Your Daily Calcium In One Food


“I don’t want to live with you anymore!”, declared Finn, when I told him he could not have ice cream for dessert.  (Finn’s 5 years old)

“I’m sorry you feel that way” I said, impressing myself at how effortlessly I slipped into therapist mode.  “Who would you like to live with?”, I continued.  (Note the active listening)

“A stranger.”

“Like someone you just met on the street?”

“Yes”  (Should this concern me?)

“What if they don’t give you back tickles at night time or hold you upside down so you could look in the mirror and say ” I have Donald Trump hair.”  (I could feel the power shifting.)

“Then I’d come back and live with you.”   (Victory.)

So back to the ice cream.  I’ve not been able to convince Finn that anything is as good as Agatha and Valentina’s chocolate gelato, and to be honest -not much is. But what I like about this ricotta dessert (pictured above) is; a) YOU control the sweetness and b) it’s very high in calcium.

I simply blended ricotta cheese, agave (or I just used cane sugar) and unsweetened cocoa powder. I did 1/3 cup ricotta, 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tsp cane sugar (a bit less if using agave), and sprinkle slivered almonds on top. The consistency is like cheese cake (minus the graham cracker crust) and without the cream and a fraction of the sugar.

In additional to substantial calcium (one serving delivers 51% of your daily needs), there is substantial fat in whole milk ricotta so feel free to choose the lower fat version.  I would avoid the non-fat version since you will not only sacrifice flavor but the calcium is significantly lower.

Note: you might be tempted to make this desert “healthier” by using a sugar substitute. Please don’t.  By doing so, you are not teaching your mind, body or taste buds how to be satisfied with less sugar.  Moreover, I am certain than in the next ten years we will start to see evidence of the harm that prolonged sugar substitutes do to the body and mind.  If you’re on a total “no sugar” detox, skip this recipe and come back when you’re on a “maintain” regime and allowing yourself small amounts of “real” sugar.

So give into your gut, have your sweet fix and if anyone tells you should just say no to dessert – threaten to leave.

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