(This-is-not-Truckee) French Toast

If I’m not going to be eating, the “real thing” (thick, fiber-less, all-white bread, with loads of butter and syrup on top) at a real diner, then I’m not even going to try to restage the experience. Instead, here is a healthy interpretation of French Toast. (By the way, that’s yogurt drizzled on top, not icing.) And with all due respect to the Wagon Train, it tastes pretty darn good.

(This-is-not-Truckee) French Toast

Butter for the pan
2 eggs (I like lots of egg, and tend to go with 1:1, bread slice:egg ratio)
1/4 cup whole milk
Dash of cinnamon
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp ground flax seeds
Dash of salt
2 pieces of bread (I used whole wheat sprouted bread for extra protein and fiber)
1/2 pear, cut into cubes (or use any fruit you wish)
Maple syrup
Plain yogurt

Mix egg, milk, cinnamon, salt, hemp and flax. Toss in bread and let soak. (Ideally the bread is a bit stale, but if not, it will simply soak up more egg and be a bit softer.)  Heat butter on cast-iron pan. (I have a strong preference for cast iron, read about that here.)  Lay the bread down (pour remaining egg or seed remnants from the bowl, on top of the bread) and then push the pear bits into the soft bread.  When cooked on one side, flip over.

Drop it onto a plate and for the “topping”, mix a little bit of maple syrup into the yogurt and drizzle over the top. Or if you prefer, skip the yogurt and go with the straight syrup. I know I’m pushing it with the yogurt addition, so you’re welcome to draw the line here.

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