Five Things To Eat To Get Ready For Summer

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

We (meaning those of us who live in the North East) have had a painfully cold start to spring.  The heat in my apartment still comes on with a clang every morning as my 100 year old radiator announces itself and I have still not engaged in the ritual of taking the winter boots permanently out of the closet and filling the space with flip flops. The only benefit I can see to the slow approach of warm weather, is that it’s meant that I can indulge, just a little bit longer, in the winter foods that I love – oatmeal, tomato soup with extra cheese and croutons, fried rice (the healthy version but still….)

Very soon though, the truth of what I filled my belly with over the long winter months will be revealed. And if you (like me) ate a few more dishes of pasta and a lot fewer salads, you’ll be ready to embark on a summer’s-coming eating-plan, which for me, starts with these five foods:

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