Sponsored Post: Best Breakfasts!

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

In college it was all about cereal for breakfast … and lunch and dinner, then I went through my bagel phase (raisin cinnamon, double toasted with butter AND cream cheese), now it’s heavy on the protein. (I lapse occasionally indulging in a sweet bagel and I feel like I’m having dessert!)

Unlike some people who have the same breakfast over and over again, I change it up pretty much every day.  Which either says something about my personality (novelty seeker?) or the fact that I live two blocks from one of the greatest farmers markets in the world. Lately five meals have been doing the rounds in my kitchen and here they are….

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  • Ouryuppielife

    I love the apple in eggs idea.  I end up with a scramble because I get impatient with the eggs setting!  I usually eat the kids leftover breakfast which is OK but it feels like a treat to make something special for myself in the morning.  My girls like hidden eggs.  We use a small cookie cutter and cut out a slice of bread then fry and egg inside the hole so it’s “hidden”.