Why beets?
I thought you might ask that. Here’s the thing, I had no idea how polarizing a vegetable beets were until I named the site after them. I love them but it’s ok if you don’t. In fact you can detest them and still hang out here, because the truth is – it’s not about beets. “The Sweet Beet” is simply a metaphor for the bounty that we pluck from the Earth.  So feel free to mentally insert any food you love in place of beet if that makes it easier – The Sweet Olive, The Sweet Mango  – they all work.

Where do you get your images?
I take them.

What is the source of your information?
Many years of eating, cooking, watching, asking and listening. I talk to anyone involved with food who will talk to me.  I read food labels, books, obscure research papers and talk to farmers and cooks and scientists and people who eat.

When it comes to food and food “education”, there is a lot that is pure opinion or worse misguided “turths”.  And even if something is “fact”,  what works for one person’s tastes, health and budget, may not work for another.  I believe that 90% of “good” eating applies to everybody, but your body is unique, so pay close attention to what it’s telling you.

What are your credentials?
I have all the credentials and none of them, depending on what you mean by credentials. What I’m not: a doctor, a scientist, a formally “schooled” nutritionist or a professional chef.  What I am: a cook, a voracious reader and consumer of food and nutrition information, an avid questioner, a skeptic, the daughter of a food pioneer who bathed me in wisdom and let me play with my food, someone who can not walk through a farmers market without shopping and talking, and someone who has the great fortune of being an incredibly healthy person who is convinced that much of this is attributable to what and how I eat — AND (most importantly) a fervent believer this can be true for everyone.

Will you promote a product for me?
I won’t do a straight promo per se but if I’ve tried it and genuinely love it, and I think others might too, then I might mention it or even possibly do a giveaway. Drop me a note to discuss.

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