Breakfast Muffins Minus The Muffin


There’s something about getting your fingers all over your food and using them to ferry the food up and into your mouth that is deeply satisfying – ask any two year old. With toast, or a bagel or a muffin you get this pleasure, but with eggs (which I eat every morning), the utensils interfere – unless you just pick up a piece of egg and put it into your mouth, which I do, shamelessly, and it’s always the best bite.

Enter the Egg Muffin – all the nutrients of an egg, all the pleasure of a muffin. Unlike a muffin, though, there’s no flour, no sugar, no leaveners. They’re really more like mini egg souffles – but super simple, fast, and best of all – highly portable.  I grab one as I’m flying out the door, and keep them in the fridge for a snack. You can eat them in the car, on the bus, as you walk, while you read, when you text … They’re also great to serve at a brunch buffet.

Add any filling/flavors you wish.  What goes into my own Egg Muffins (or into any dish for that matter) has more to do with what’s around, than any creative ideas I might come up with. In other words, whatever the market hands me or whatever’s over-stayed it’s welcome in the fridge – is what goes in.

For these ones, I used scallions, spinach, zucchini, basil, a little milk and feta. And of course eggs. They’ll keep in the fridge for days, or as long as you wish in the freezer.

Get the recipe here.

Scallions are in season so into all sort of things they go. The purple-striped ones don’t taste any different, they’re just more photogenic.

Use the biggest, thickest, greenest spinach leaves you can find – the ones saturated with chlorophyll.

The zucchini got a second round of chopping after the photo was taken, so the bits that went into the eggs were about a third this size.

When you get the eggs from the farm, you get whatever color happens to have been laid that morning.

A hen at the farm. If I ever come back to this world in poultry form, I want her life.

So give them a try – breakfast on the run, does not mean you have to forsake protein and certainly not taste.

Any other ideas for breakfast alternatives? Interesting twists on eggs or other common breakfast foods that get you out of a rut?

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  • The Tea Stylist

    I’m going to give this a try. I’ll have it with a morning blend of Ceylon and Keemun teas.
    Nice pictures!

    • Michelle Madden

      A perfect tea choice for portable eggs!

  • Lafleurl99

    Wonderful+ fabulous!!!

  • 6512 and growing

    I’ve got all the ingredients in the garden plus 7 happy hens, so I am all over this recipe. Thanks!

  • Acamb03

    I love making these! I add in whatever veggies, meat and/or cheese I have on hand. They are also great with a little leftover quinoa. These are a big hit with my daughter and her friends…I just served them at her 3rd birthday party.

  • Anc425

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that you posted this! I am switching from a diet full of breads and pastas, bagels and muffins to a gluten free diet to try to resolve some health issues. It is 24 hrs into the diet and I am already going through withdrawals! I am going home immediately to replace my bread muffins with these egg muffins:) Thank you for a recipe that will hopefully help me get through my mornings! 

  • Katinka Day

    This is such a great idea! Great thinking. Will definitely try!

  • Hikinedd

    What happens if you try adding fruit instead, say, strawberries (my dad used to make strawberry jam omelettes when I was a kid)?

    • Michelle Madden

      Do it!  I often will toss some apple bits into my omelet so I can think of no reason not to toss some fruit bits into these. If you’re adding fruit, a dash of nutmeg might compliment it well.

       Report back on how it goes …

  • Michaela

    When I’m stuck on what to eat for breakfast I just eat a banana with peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll eat a handful of frozen blueberries, too. Bread and cold cuts were always big for breakfast growing up.. sometimes I now eat bread with cheese for breakfast.

  • Stella

    Yum!  It’s like a mini crustless quiche…delish!

  • meezermom

    I love this! I’ve been looking for a breakfast I can eat on the run. Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    Yummy idea! I have lots of pyrex custard cups – thinking they could work  too…?

    • Michelle Madden

      Am sure they would – just grease them well. If they’re larger than a normal size muffin mold, then they might need a bit more baking time than the 15mins I used. Stick a knife in the middle of one and if it comes out clean, they’re done.

  • jmacncheese

    You can eat them in the car, on the bus, as you walk, while you read, when you text … You can eat them here and there, you can eat them everywhere! You really channelled your inner child to come up with this Seussian line! I love it! Brilliant idea too, can’t wait to give these a try. 

    • Michelle Madden

      My inner 4-yr-old is always close by … and when it comes to food, the more playful you can be, the better it will taste.

  • Bentoon


  • June Rose

    I normally only eat eggs if there is a tortilla involved. This recipe looks delicious and may just convert me to a full time egg eater. Can’t wait to make it!

    • Michelle Madden

      I have no doubt it will!  Report back with results …

  • jland360

    Those look great and the photos are beautiful. Happy hen; happy breakfast.

  • es4d


  • Fred

    Sounds really delicious but I’m not into ‘folding’ food stuff, grease’n pans, etc. etc….I know, typical helpless male thang!  What I can do is fix an awesome egg salad (with gobs ‘n gobs of scallions) with an  innumerable variety of leftovers incorporated in it. It can also be quite portable.

    I am not up to par with you as I only eat (3) eggs every other day. One of my favorites  in between  is about 8 – 10  oz of a quality (non-hormone, non-antibiotic laden) kefir (usually strawberry) with 3 or 4 tablespoons of organic, raw hemp seed powder (you can hardly taste the powder!!) with a side bowl of walnuts, cut up banana(s) and sun-dried, organic raisins.  Love it!

  • Ann

    YUM, looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    These are such a good idea! My 10 month old loves eggs, but it’s hard to get them in a form that works well for his little fingers, and that still tastes good cold. I’m really pleased you’ve passed this idea along. 

  • Jwc39

    These are almost like popovers. You can put butter or oil in and heat the muffin tin, then put some of the egg mixture in. It will begin to cook instantly. Yummy!

  • Danielle

    These look amazing!  

  • Doris Enow

    yummy…..I made them before while back…glad to remember them again…

  • Doris Enow

    you can put a few small diced cooked potatoes in there and bacon…and spinach also good

  • Yippee2_u

    Lately, I’ve been putting my eggs on a foundation of German rye/meusli bread, mashed avocados (more flavorful when slightly warmed), eggs either scrambled or fried over medium w/ onion using good local butter.  I top the eggs w/ either smoked salmon or whatever cheese I have on hand.  Pretty darn yummy!