Eat The Sweet!

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

As Halloween approaches and I see the bags of 3-bite candy in the store, I feel 10 years old again.  I had a sweet tooth and I could never get the candy – that lived in an orange plastic jack o’lantern  – to last more than a week. My older sister would still have her candy at Christmas but I was all about living in the Snickers moment and not over thinking the fact that rationing might be a good idea.

Fast forward a few decades and not much has changed.  A pint of Chunky Monkey in the freezer is pure torture and a bag of Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies on the top shelf might last a day.

What to do?  Limit the self inflicted pain and make sweets that are actually good for you…

My favorites? Find out on the Attune Foods blog!





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  • Stefanie

    Hi Michelle, It’s nice to hear that all my playing around making healthy treats in the in the kitchen for myself and my husband may actually pay off when we have children! I’m a ricotta fan too, and my toppings of choice are honey and toasted walnuts. A favorite quick treat is a split open, juicy, plump medjool date stuffed with an almond. And alas, nothing beats homemade dark chocolate with coconut oil, raw cacoa powder and a sweetner of your choice. Happy, Healthy, Halloween.

  • Kendall@Dharma Feast

    These are lovely and will be featured for both family and guests all holiday season! I will even make an abundance to share with co-workers and perhaps the mail carrier. Who wouldn’t appreciate their simplicity and sweetness!