Do You Remember Your First Time?

Finn eating – ok playing with – roasted carrots

{A post I wrote for Attune foods}

Do you remember the first time you ate junk food?   I have foggy memories of eating Arrowroot cookies (a gentler junk food but lets be honest) and I recall pizza parties around age 6 but I can’t really recall “The First Time”.  Well I know when it was for Finn (my 10 mos old).  He ate his first chocolate chip cookie (well half of a chocolate chip cookie but the “half” was the size of many “wholes”) last week.  I have to admit I felt a tinge of guilt, polluting his virginal digestive track with double chunk chocolate chip cookies, but I was eating it and his hands are fast and his desire strong. And what was worse was how much he loved it. And how much I hated the fact that he loved it. With most foods he smells it, takes it to his mouth, tentatively tries it and then might proceed with the rest. With this, he spotted his goal, pulled it from my hand, and did not remove it from his mouth until it was well inside his belly. The cookie was conquered.

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