Collard Greens With Cabbage and Apple

The key with this is not to under-cook it.  The cabbage should be soft and so should the collards.

Collard Greens With Cabbage and Apple

Olive oil (for the pan)
Purple cabbage 
Collard greens (equal parts cabbage and collard)
Apple (I keep the skin on since it holds up better this way when sauteed)
Dash of nutmeg
Salt and pepper
Chicken stock (option, could use just a splash of water)


Slice the cabbage and collard into thin strips. Dice the apple and garlic. Heat the pan, add the cabbage and cook until quite tender. Then add the apple and collard greens.  Try to let the apple sit on the bottom so it will brown a bit. Add nutmeg.  Add a small splash of chicken broth or water (not too much, just enough so it won’t get dry.) Cover the pan to allow it to steam a bit and get nice and soft.  Add salt and pepper. 

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