The Best I-Hate-Baking Recipe

From someone who writes a food blog, this might come as a surprise, but I really hate baking – or baking sweets I should say. Even in December. Even for the holidays.  But I sometimes do it because what comes out of the oven is never for me but is always a gift for others, and there is nothing more special than homemade sweets as gifts. So that’s a good enough reason for me to do something I don’t love to do. But if I am going to bake, give me simple with no sacrifice in taste, and I might almost enjoy the whole process.

So what is this winning “low time/high taste” recipe, that is also gluten-free, largely naturally sweetened and takes under 30 minutes from pulling the ingredients to giving them their chocolate bath? Coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate.  I have no idea where I even got this recipe since I’ve been making it, tweaking it and giving it away for so long.

Egg whites bind the macaroons.

The finished product.

What I also love about them is all the leeway they give you in terms of altering the basic recipe — make them gluten-free by using rice flour (an easy substitute for the wheat flour since there is so little flour used) and add a shot of cinnamon, almond or vanilla to compliment the coconut flavor.  The only way you can screw them up is to over-cook them, which will make them dry. But if you do, just dip the whole thing a little deeper in the chocolate and no one will notice the dryness.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons 

Any fave super quick and painless baking recipes or tips to share?

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  • ctb

    Mentioned this in the last post’s comments, but here it is again: spritz cookies!
    Our fave is my uncle Barney’s butter spritz recipe handed down  many years back – very few ingredients & no chilling the dough, rolling or cutting – super quick & easy & rich & delicious.

    The other is baking parchment for perfect, no-stick results every time.

    • ctb

      Forgot to mention macaroons are 1 of my faves  = )

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  • 6512 and growing

    Thank you! I was just pondering what gluten free cookies I would make for an upcoming cookie exchange.

  • Chris Murray

    thank you for this-I’m not a baker, but I love macaroons, especially dipped in chocolate.  I will bake these.

  • Clo

    Instead of dipping the macaroons in chocolate, try adding chocolate chips or hunks to the recipe.  Might be even easier!  :)

  • Ckwood42

    Dash of cinnamon or 1/2 almond or vanilla extract – 1/2 teaspoon? tablespoon? ???

    • Michelle Madden

      Sorry! 1/2 teaspoon.

  • Ann Mc

    I love baking – unfortunately, my waistline doesn’t!  These look delicious!  Thanks for sharing them and your honesty! 

  • Karoline

    Great, I love easy and kid friendly recipes. Will make those macaroons with my 3 year old this afternoon. 

  • Laura, easy recipes fan

    I don’t like baking sweets either.  If one is going to put effort into making something, then atleast make it healthy.  Macaroons taste great though, homemade of store-bought.

  • Pat Carroll

    Thanks. These are my mother’s macaroons — with much less sugar! I was forced into a semester of baking and hated it. Too precise.

  • Lynn Chen

    i hate baking as well, which is why i use so many box mixes and use a loaf pan in lieu of muffin tins.  that said, these cookies were so good i dirty up 2 bowls and 2 baking sheets just to make them: