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July 4th Cooking Tips

I’m off to California for the 4th. Yes, for those of you keeping track, this means traveling across country – a close to 7 hour flight, with 3 month old Finn. But this is the only way he’ll get to … Continue reading

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How To Eat A Carrot

The other day an unexpected package arrived. I could smell the fresh cedar shavings as soon as I ripped the tape from the cardboard, and wondered what living creature I was about to liberate. I opened the inner bag and … Continue reading

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Are Supplements Necessary?

He handed her a prescription for medical strength Vitamin D and another for Iron and suggested she also up her Vitamin C, but he didnt’ dispense one gram of advice on which foods contain them. Perhaps he didn’t know, perhaps … Continue reading

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5 a.m. And Rethinking Sweet

  A couple weeks ago I woke at 5 am. (It has not happened since and there are no signs it will happen again.) But I was brewing coffee before the sun and my neighbor’s dog, rose. (In my more … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato and Spinach or How To Break Rules

One of the things I love most about cooking is that breaking the rules is almost always a good thing. In life this is true about 51% of the time, but in cooking it goes up to 90%. Take root … Continue reading

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Eighteen Ways To Eat An Avocado And One Way Not To

I suppose I had them when I very little, but I was fifteen when I remember vividly meeting my first avocado, bundled with rice in a California roll. But I was not enamored. It was a fat thing, though I … Continue reading

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How To Love The Things You Hate

I don’t like radishes. Hate may be going too far but I have never once had a memorable encounter with one. They’re the food equivalent of chaperons at a high school dance, tolerated but not celebrated. The more they stay … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Bacteria

As a general principle I believe in cleanliness. I support the ubiquitous, “All employees must wash hands” sign (though I suspect it’s more effective at pacifying diners than influencing behavior), I take my shoes off when I walk in the … Continue reading

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I Adore You

“Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”* Cook with passion.  And poetry. And love and wit and beets.

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Grains Don’t Want You To Eat Them

She was sizing-up the offerings in Aisle 3, the aisle that contained – according to the wooden overhead sign: “Cereal, Crackers, Cookies, Bread”.   She reached into the shelves giving the loaves, in rapid succession, a firm squeeze.  She performed her … Continue reading

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