Feeling Blue

  I go through phases with my cheeses. I was on a feta roll for a while putting it in everything from quiche to salad and even one day into scrambles eggs (where it didn’t really belong). I was having a … Continue reading

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A Cheater’s Guide to Chicken Soup

  Have: A store-bought roasted chicken that needs finishing, spinach that’s wilting, carrots lying limp and fresh thyme to use up. Need: A warm lunch for my Mom who’s putting in overtime helping me out with nine-week old, Finn.  I … Continue reading

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Do What Dominoes Does

I admit to having a massive weakness for pizza. It’s kind of like crack for me, where I think I have control over it, but the moment it’s put in front of me all powers of resistance vanish. Which is … Continue reading

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Tatsoi: Turning Over A New Leaf

Though I could go back to the spinach and kale trough over and over again without much complaining, it’s fun discovering other greens that bring some variety to the party.  My latest discovery was made when one of the local … Continue reading

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Black Tuscan Kale Salad

This past winter I was at a birthday party for a friend where we were all asked to bring a dish.  I brought a favorite of mine (Spinach Chickpeas and Sweet Potato) but the one I could not stop taking … Continue reading

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There is nothing like having a baby (which I had three weeks ago) to focus you on the bare essentials in life since all of a sudden the window for doing anything closes the moment the little guy’s mouth opens. … Continue reading

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A New Mouth in the House

I had a baby.  It happened last week. I can’t say it was a surprise as it had been building for 9 months. But there is a very big difference between having a baby living inside you and one living outside you.  The … Continue reading

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A Comfort Food That’s Comfortingly Healthy

  I’m not a frequent pasta eater, but I always have a stash of comforting penne or fussili on hand (which in my opinion is much more fun for your mouth than smooth shapes). One thing I’ve noticed about pasta … Continue reading

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Banana Bread Minus the Sugar and Oil

  At my favorite local coffee shop there is a sign in front of the banana muffins saying “Sugar-Free”.  I asked the girl, who was waiting for my order, if they were sweetened with anything besides bananas.  “Oh ya, agave”. … Continue reading

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Watching Your Weight and The SuperBowl?

I have to admit that I barely know who’s playing tomorrow, but I do know I’ll be watching it  – or to be more accurate I will be at a friend’s house where the TV will be tuned to the … Continue reading

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