Fifteen Things I’ve Learned …

It won’t come as a surprise to most of you, that I disagree with a lot of conventional thinking on health and nutrition. Turns out I also disagree with a lot of conventional thinking on how to cook!  When cooking, … Continue reading

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Losing It: Best Advice for Weight Loss and Health Gain

You can always tell when it’s January because the the gym population swells by 50%.  By March, the New Year’s Resolutionists have packed their LuLu Lemon bags, not to return until the following January. My advice – don’t put “exercise … Continue reading

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When The Turkey’s Gone: A Post-Feast Audit

  It’s too late for this to be of any use to you for Thanksgiving 2011, but it’s not too late for next year.  It is tips and wisdom compiled not only from this year’s personal experience, but from past … Continue reading

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Hot Or Not: What Food Trends Are Rising And Declining

Although September no longer means stocking up on value-priced three-ring-binder loose-leafed paper or the acquisition of an aluminum Scoobie Doo lunch box with matching thermos, I still feel that this month marks the end of old things and the beginning of … Continue reading

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Curry Is Not A Spice, And Other Important Facts of Life

Floyd Cardoz just won Top Chef Masters, so he knows a thing or two about cooking. In this interview, he shares with us how to get more flavor out of spices, which spices he buys at Costco, which food trends he’s sick of and … Continue reading

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Eating Steak For Breakfast

I had steak for breakfast. And it made me wonder why I hadn’t had it before.  I usually eat my first meal about 10 or 11, so it’s not like it was 6am and I was gnawing on a t-bone … Continue reading

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Eating In The Wild

It was early morning and the ocean fog, still drowsy, was idly hanging over the kale and wheat fields on Long Island. Katie* was stacking hay bales into a 1967 Ford pickup, bales that were soon to become seats for … Continue reading

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We Need To Taste Our Life: An Interview With Abdi Assadi

“How’s your digestion?” Abdi asked me as he released a needle into the flesh of my shoulder. My digestion was fine and so that concluded our conversation about food. But I knew he had a lot more to say, and … Continue reading

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Are There Benefits To Segregation?

Wandering the “stalls” of EATALY in New York City is like shopping in a sprawling, outdoor food market in Italy – only it’s inside, and only no one speaks Italian.  But besides that it’s just like an Italian market. What … Continue reading

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Be The Change You Wish To See On The Web

Hello Dear Readers! Just wanted to give you a heads-up on a few recent changes on The Sweet Beet. 1) New Font: The old one (the retro courier typewriter font) was long on personality, but a little short on readability … Continue reading

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