I Have A Cooking Show!


I have a cooking show!  The audience is small (one), but the attendee is very enthusiastic and wants to not only know what I’m cooking, but requests to touch and taste each ingredient.  The applause is limited but the drooling is validation enough.

Finn (my 4 month old and yes, my cooking show audience), recently witnessed my arriving home with four plastic cages of blueberries and was eager to help me put them to use. After tossing them into yogurt, crepes and into the back of my mouth, I was looking for something on the savory front to do with them – and I needed to keep my audience entertained in the kitchen.  I had some leftover barley which I love cold in summer salads and I had some mint.  Basil has become so common that I’m always on the look out for another herb to use. Though we often think of using mint in sweet foods, I’m a big fan of it in salads.  I paired it here with Humboldt Fog goat cheese. Feta would also be excellent.

If you don’t have barley, use quinoa or farro or any pasta really would work.  I dressed it with a vinaigrette but you could also drizzle some olive oil over it (lemon optional) sprinkle with salt and pepper and you’ll be set.  Any leftover mint (since there’s usually enough for a family of 10 when you buy it) – make mojitos!

Get the recipe for Blueberries, Barley and Mint Salad here. 

Give us your fave ways to put blueberries to use.

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  • Wohlers13

    I also love mint in savory situations. This reminds me of a very-long-ago recipe a friend’s mother made, called Red, White and Blue and served around the Fourth. It was pasta with blueberries and a standard tomato sauce (hot) – sounds weird but it was good. I’m sure there was cheese involved, and an herb…maybe you can come up with something?

  • Jen

    I used to pick 75-100 lbs of blueberries each summer for the basement freezer.  Frozen blueberries, raw cacao, stevia & a little milk in the Vitamixer makes a great guilt-free sorbet.

    People who are sensitive to nightshades should avoid blueberries, as they contain the glyco-alkaloid solanine.

  • Cyn

    I also freeze these fresh treasures.  And BLUEBERRY RISOTTO is wonderful!  And quite pretty.

  • http://www.mommysnest.com MommyLisa

    I love a good blueberry, green apple, pasta/grain salad myself with some nice gorgonzola in it.